A Brief History of Glee Club

Lehigh’s distinguished tradition of singing began in the late 1800s and continues on today. For nearly a century, the Lehigh University Glee Club was the only choral group at Lehigh. When Lehigh became coed in the 70s, the mixed University Choir replaced the all-male Glee Club. In 2005, the men of the University Choir – with encouragement from Glee Club alumni – revived the tradition of male singing at Lehigh. Today, after a thirty year hiatus, the hallmark sound of male singing is once again part of Lehigh’s proud tradition of choral excellence.
The Lehigh University Glee Club maintains an extensive repertoire encompassing masterworks of the male repertoire, glee club classics, barbershop, and Lehigh fight songs in addition to performing new works specially written for them. They perform at most Lehigh Choral Arts concerts and off campus in both formal and informal settings, spreading their love for Lehigh and its tradition of male singing.

Contact Glee Club

If you would like to inquire about incorporating a Glee Club performance into your event, please contact:

Trevor Davis, Manager